Why choose us?

Our focus is YOU and of course your oral health, teeth and gums.  We take a comprehensive approach to Dentistry.  We are passionate about providing quality Dentistry and to provide long-term outcomes that we achieve through dedication.  

Comfortable and Safe

We have put a lot of thought into making our practice comfortable and safe.  Our high infection control standards and hygiene practices means that we disinfect surfaces in between patients and sterilise instruments through autoclaving procedures.  We have devised world class team checklists so that we can verify with our team members to ensure that procedures are carried out accurately.

The design of our practice takes into account your comfort level, including ceiling mounted televisions, nitrous oxide (happy gas) facilities, air conditioning with HEPA filtration and air purification, aromatherapy and APRA/AMCOS registered music.

in-house local dental laboratory

We care so much about quality and that the end-product is completely within our strict guidelines that we decided to open a dental laboratory with the latest CAD/CAM imaging and milling technology.  We are in close constant contact with our dental technician and have the ability to choose quality machinery, equipment and also assess the skills of our dental technician.  

Sometimes crowns are lined with metals- when this happens we do not offer inferior metals as an option for any crown, bridge, or implant-supported structures. We also ensure that all materials used by our technicians are of the highest quality and approved by the food and drug administration. This means that in the case of crowns lined with metals we use only high noble metals such as gold, palladium and platinum blends. Base metals are widely used in dentistry as an inexpensive alternative to noble and high noble metals. Base metals are composed of metals that can have high allergenic, toxic or even carcinogenic properties.

An alternative to metals is a white coloured ceramic called Zirconia.  A/Prof. Guazzato completed a PhD in dental ceramics and Zirconia and is a world leader in the recommendations for use of Zirconia for teeth.  We have made a decision in our practice to provide you with the best and most appropriate procedures and materials that dentistry has to offer and we consider your overall medical health.

Our experience

Collectively our team has over 80 years of experience.  A/Prof. Guazzato has worked in the dental industry for over 30 years, Dr. Quach for over 12 years, Dr. Chou for over 15 years, Dr. Chunduru for over 10 years and Dr. Chang for over 8 years.

More important than the number of years of professional experience is the time we have spent with perfecting our skills, formal University training, professional continuing education training as well as training other dentists.


Our team are proud to be recognised by our peers with University, dental industry and community awards.  

To recognise our commitment to excellence in dental care our practice has gained Accreditation and is considered the gold star for a well-run practice that meets the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards for healthcare.

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Modern practice with the latest technology

Our practice is equipped with the latest technology in Dentistry which allows us to provide a better quality service to our patients.  This includes low-radiation Xrays, no radiation decay detection techniques, chair-side CAD/CAM dentistry and fully integrated digital dentistry techniques.

More about technology in our practice here

Community involvement

Our family run practice have a close connection with the community around us.  We are proud to sponsor and be members of community groups such as Christmas in Pyrmont, Carols in Pyrmont, Pyrmont Festival, Pyrmont Ultimo Chamber of Commerce.

Our community involvement also involves the sponsorship of health care and dental products to under developed countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam. 10% of revenue derived from our activities such as our Dentists educating other dentists are donated to such projects.

Our practitioners are members of the Australian Dental Association and participate in regular and ongoing professional development.

Independent & locally owned

We are a locally-owned family-run practice.  We are independent from corporate healthcare and insurance companies.  More and more dental practices are being bought up by corporate entities and venture capitalists. Why? To make a profit. When you’re focused on the bottom line, it’s impossible to provide the quality of care that we strive for every day. You can’t always readily tell if a practice is corporately owned. Often the business is bought-out but retains the same name it had under private ownership.  

We use high quality equipment, materials and support a reputable local dental laboratory.

We believe that you should be able to choose the dentist who you prefer, which is why we are not a preferred provider practice.   We see patients from all health funds. 

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It's uncommon to offer a warranty in the dental industry, but we stand by our work, offering a five-year warranty on onlays, crowns, bridges and implant crowns.  Patient satisfaction is one of our main goals as it pertains to your care.  We understand that everyone makes mistakes. We admit that sometimes, that includes us. But rest assured that if something goes wrong, we’re going to do everything in our power to make it right.

To keep the warranty valid you simply need to:

  • schedule in check-up, maintenance and teeth cleaning appointments every 6 months. This includes any recommended periodontal treatment, examinations, x-rays , topical fluoride treatments and use of home products and routines as recommended

  • complete the dental treatment and follow care instructions in the time period recommended

  • have your treatment completed with our practice.