childrens teeth

Tips to encourage tooth-brushing in children

Do you find it a struggle at times to brush your children' s teeth? Here are some tips that we find that helps our children look forward to brushing his teeth:

  • when they were babies and toddlers we'd play and sing Lah Lah’s big live band “Brush your teeth" song on CD or DVD
  • place stickers on a DentArtisans brushing calendar. When the chart is full of stars offer your child a treat
  • brush with a 2 minute sand timer (Ask us for one at your next check-up visit)
  • use a “show and tell” method which means while you brush your own teeth allow your child to watch and imitate
  • when they are toddlers- brush their teeth when they are in the bath tub
  • Take your child along for a professional dental check up at DentArtisans. We will go through tooth brushing and dental care in a fun way!